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more information Ensemble Bürler - text available in Germen

- Shanajdar Nursalijev: voc., dombra
- Jerkin Ashimkanov: voc,, dombra
- Gulschat Ashimkanova: voc., dombra

The Kazakh vocal ensemble
Bürler (= rungs) was founded in 1995 by the music teacher Victor Fomin, who holds the chair of folk choir singing at the College of Art and Culture in the West-Siberian Barnaul.

The ensemble won a price at the competition for young performers "Yrystu-95" and the first price at the festival-competition "Art of Young People" (Barnaul), several prices at the regional folklore-festivals "Young Siberia 99" (Gorno-Altajsk) and the competition of "Festy-98" (Barnaul). The ensemble performed at festivals in Mongolia and at the "Days of the Altai Republic" in Moscow and it is the prizewinner of the festival "Pokrowskaja ossenj" (Autumn in Pokrow) in Novosibirsk.

The members of the ensemble, Jerkin Ashimkanov, Gulschat Ashimkanova and Gausa Amenova, were students at the Kosh-Agash high school of the Altai Republic. They began with their studies in 1995 at the Faculty for Music education of the Altai Institute of Art and Culture in Barnaul and graduated in 1999 in the subjects folk choir singing, choirmaster and leader of folklore-clubs.

Shanajdar Nurslaijev studied from 1990 till 1997 at the State Conservatory in Almaty (ex. capital of Kazakhstan) at the Department for folk music instruments, in the dombra (2-3 strings long- necked luth) class. He got prices at the "Yrystu-95 " competition and at the regional folklore-festivals "Young Siberia-99 ".

The ensemble has specialized as a performer of authentic Kasakh folk and traditional music, in keeping to storing methods, tricks and peculiarities that are characteristic in the authentic tradition. However, they also sings stylized folk songs and works of contemporary authors.

Latest CD:
- Songs of the Kazakhs, CD, Barnaul, 1998.
- Traditional songs of the Kazakhs - Vol. I - FM 50035

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- published by Green Man Review
- Rambles published 28. January 2006

Jerkin Ashimkanov, Gulschat Ashimkanova, Shanajdar Nursalijev