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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

Sendom - Arslan - Lion - walking in the air and ruler over obstacles


- He is the servant of Lhamos (Lkham) who clears the area of demons for his mistress. He is also the figure of Simhavaktra or Simhamukhi, the so-called "Figures walking in the air (sky)", who have been adopted from the Indian Pantheon. (Initially they were female demons or witches with supernatural abilities who offered their services to the Lamaistic theory. Very often they assume the role of an animal.)

(According to popular belief, these four figures (tiger, lion, deer and bear) bring along peace and well-being for the peoples.)


  • - white or blue face colour
  • - lion's head with turquoise green mane (similar to the example of the mythical Glacier-Lion)
  • - crown made from skulls, with three or five jags
  • - with or without the Third Eye of Wisdom in the middle of the forehead
  • - often sideburns defined by contours
  • - big animal nose and often speckled nostrils
  • - open animal mouth, usually without ripper teeth
  • - red dress with rich ornamentation

- In one hand he holds a knife or sword, and in the other hand he holds a bowl made from human skulls or a snake.

- Very fast.

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P & C Face Music - Ulaanbaatar, September / October 1999 - Albi
English translation: Hermelinde Steiner