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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

K'eriye - Raven


In mythology, the raven was of utmost importance. It was a holy bird of solar character, a prophet-like bird which served as a kind of messenger for the highest god. By means of his voice, will and wish of the god were conveyed and transmitted.
In the tsam, the raven tries to steal the sacrifice (sor), and for this reason, the skull masks drive the bird away by beating and bashing it. The mask of the raven is even more common in Mongolia than it is in Tibet.

  • - black or dark green complexion
  • - raven head
  • - sometimes with skull crown, with one up to three jags
  • - long black dress, often decorated with ornaments


- In the one hand holding a sword, in the other one a catching loop.

- none

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