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  • Traditional Dance Masks of Buddhists - Ochirvaani - Tshagnadordshi

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P & C December 1998
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Ochirvaani - Tshagnadordshi


He is considered the main actor for worship in the tsam ritual, and he dances in front of his own sacred portraits. He is a powerful god (burkhan). He is the one who obtained all the supernatural powers of all gods together. He is given the power to calm down all antagonists by means of commands. He swore to defeat the cruel, sinful people who do not respect religion. He accomplishes all of these tasks in order to lead people to sacrificed charity.

  • - the mask is made very majestic
  • - face in dark blue colour
  • - with open mouth and ripper teeths
  • - he looks very angry
  • - three red eyes shine like lightning
  • - orange hair dishevelled

- He holds a thunderbolt (ordshi) in his right hand and carries four poisonous tusks.

- He lifts the thunderbolt up to heaven and this is a gesture which means to abolish and defect all enemies. By putting his arm on his chest, he gestures his enemies to calm down.

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