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  • Camel Dance - Sharkiat - The Beat from Cairo

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

- FM 50006 - P & C 1991
more information songs - see: Sharkiat

1. Mawaweel Masria (Oasis Party) - 7:17
2. Fathy's Mood - 4:42
3. Gayia Min Balad El Ahram (Coming from the Pyramid's Land) - 4:42
4. Dawn (Sunrise) - 5:23
5. El Zar (Meditation) - 7:35
6. Camel Dance - 6:02
7. Ya Khalk Ya Ho (People ...) - 3:28
8. Percussion Dialog - 3:47
9. Rasyny - 5:41
10. Piano-Kanun Talk - 4:02

Mawaweel Masria (Oasis Party)
- Let's all sing and dance under the palm trees. Life is too short for sorrow. Feel the wind, desert, moon and only then you can feel your own soul. - Atef Shaheen

Gayia Min Balad El Ahram (Coming from the Pyramid's Land)
- Great history, people who loved their land. Now people are turning to the city like modern minds and dead souls. Go back to your roots and work on your land and stop talking about history now. - Atef Shaheen

Ya Khalk Ya Ho (People ...)
- We are so busy thinking about our problems but never happy. The main problem we don't know how to live together in peace. - Gamal Lotfy

- I'm so lonely thinking about my dead son and wonder about this whole life.

"Face Music Switzerland" presents "Sharkiat" from Cairo, a group which devotes itself particularly to Arabian music beyond the borders of their own country Egypt. The group attaches special importance to working from the roots of that music .Yet do this in a way which is not antiquated at all. On the contrary: thanks to the use of additional contemporary modes of expression (by including guest musicians as well) and of a wide spectrum of sound a musical style is created which is more than just contemporary. This record is way up front with the interesting and varied productions which leave ample space to actual folk music. It nevertheless cannot be consumed like any impersonal popular music. It requires an active critical examination by listeners. Peter Dürsteler

Sharkiat from Cairo "Moods Zurich" - "Fathy Salama" leader