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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

- last update 03-2016

  - FM 50005 - P & C 1989
more information songs - see: songtext Brasileiro

1. Alô Brasil - Dudu Trentin - Nei Lisboa - 5:05
2. Vamos lá - Alegre Corrêa - 4:53
3. Cunhataí - Toninho Porto - 4:23
4. For all - Marcelo Onofri - Dedicated to Alfredo Moura - 3:57
5. Festa na floresta - Ronaldo Sagiorato - Marcelo Onofri - Laurinho Bandeira - 5:10
6. Couvert - Alegre Corrêa - Raul Boeira - 4:45
7. Vai iluminar - Alegre Corrêa - 4:49
8. Reza - Marcelo Onofri - Raul Boeira - Dedicated to Tom Jobim - 5:19

The productions issued by "Face Music", devoted mainly to forms of musical expression which are popular in any case (Jazz-Rock, Samba, African music, Fusion in general) are nevertheless among the more exceptional productions. Some people are of the opinion that this kind of production is entirely superfluous, but this should be seen in a relative light from the very start. Far from being run-of-the-mill, the music presented by the groups recorded by "Face Music" is always characterised by a special something, by an originality entirely its own. This very much applies to the group Mato Grosso. It is the wide spectrum of musical material used by the group which, in the long run, makes its music so interesting. The musicians are just as much masters of traditional forms (Bossa Nova, Samba, Brazilian folk music in general) as they are of such forms of expression as Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Funk, and sometimes Reggae. However, these different forms do not exist for the group side by side, but are skilfully blended into a real Fusion. As a result terms like "Samba" provide a far too imprecise, too limited description of Mato Grosso's music. The fact that Mato Grosso is not only to be relied upon for an outstanding performance within the infrastructure of the recording studio, but is particularly convincing as a "live" band, is impressive evidence of the group's extremely high standard, especially in view of the enormous range of expressive forms which the groups has - and must have - at its absolute command.