Face Music - Traditional Costumes of the Uganda people
  • Traditional (national) Costumes of the Uganda people

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P & C December 1998
- Face Music / Albi

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The traditional dress of the Uganda people has a rich history spanning many centuries. It is closely connected with the Uganda tribes way of life in the country. The costumes are used in different situations; for dances, rituals or celebrations.

- see more about Ornaments - Ornaments of the different tribe - in preparation

There are more than 20 tribes of Bantu and Hamites origin living in Uganda !

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The Acholi people

Alur people

Western Nile - Luo people are part of the people from the southern Sudan.

The Baganda people

The Bagisu people

The Bakonzo people

The Banyoro people

The Banyankore people

Ankola region

The Bakiga people

Rwanda people

Atelier Africa Cultural Heritage

Mariam Amooli, director

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