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Gankhuyag Natsag – Mongolian artwork – Artist of Mongolia

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Gankhuyag was born on December 2nd, 1961 as a son of the Natsag family in Ulaanbaatar.

His parents are famous masters of handcrafts in the traditional Mongolian style. He learned much from his parents and from his different teachers.
After having finished secondary school, he worked with the Union of Mongolian artists. He participated in many traditional festivals and exhibitions.

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Work Experience
1979 Art assistant Union of Mongolian Artists, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
1992 Director, “Bi-Bid” Co., Ltd, Art studio , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
1998 Founder / Director ” Khan Bogd “ Ensemble, Mongolia
2001 President of Mongolian “Goo-Ertunts” Cultural Society, Mongolia
2005 Mask and Art instructor, ADTI, Washington DC, USA
2006 Vice president “Mongol Europe” Institute, France
2008 Director , Bi-Bid Ltd, LLC. USA
2009 Founder / Director Mongolian Preservation Foundation, USA.
2010 Founder / Director “Mongol House-International” Mongolia
2011 Founder / Director Mongol World Performing Arts Tour
Creation work
1988-90 Produced 15 Tsam masks for the Tumen Ekh ensemble, Mongolia
1993-94 Created 5-meter tall Buddha for Gunzeshoinei Temple in St. Petersburg, Russia
1995 5 masks for the Mongolian State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, Mongolia
1997 Produced 3 Tsam masks, with full clothing, for the Musée d'Ethnographie, Genève, Switzerland
Organized tour performing group.Established Khuree Tsam 108 project, Mongolia
1998 Created 15 masks for the Ravdan Choilon Temple in Vevey, Switzerland
1999 Produced 2 tsam masks for the Völkerkundemuseum in Zurich, Switzerland
10 masks for the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation of Milan, Italy
6 masks for the Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
20 masks for the International Passages Festival in Nancy, France
2000 Created 2 masks with full clothing for the Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
Instructor, Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium
2001 Produced 10 masks with full clothes.Mongolian & Tibetan Cultural Center of Taipei, Taiwan
2002 Created 20 masks for Amarbayasgalant Monastery, Mongolia
2003 Created 8 masks with full clothing for International Mask Museum Binche, Belgium
Worked with tour performing group., Mongolia
2004 Created 20 masks for private collection, Canada
2005 Designed costumes and Masks in ADTI, Washington DC, USA
2007 “Khuree Tsam-108” Master masks, Mongolia
2008 Preparation /co-work Genghis Khan tour exhibition
2009 Mongol World project’s art for book, Mongolia
2010 Participated national Folk Festival in Washington DC, USA
2011 Created mini puppets and dolls, Mongolia
Exhibitions & Activities
1985 International Festival and art exhibition in Moscow, Russia
1990 Participated in Asian Art exhibition in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
1993 Art exhibition in St.Petersburg, Russia
1997 Organized art exhibitions on tour in 14 cities in Switzerland
1999 Participated the International Passages Festival in Nancy, France
2000 Participated in Mongolian Cultural Days, Cultural Center of Ganshoren, Brussels, Belgium
2001 Participated in International Mask Festival in Miao-Li, Taiwan
Participated in Art Expo-2001 in Niort, France
2002 Accompanied Mongolian president, Natsagiin Bagabandi, to Switzerland & Liechtenstein and display art exhibition
Art exhibition & Mongolian cultural program Ile De Re, France
2003 Mongolian Cultural days and “Voyage in Mongolia“ exhibition, International
Mask Museum in Binche, Belgium and tour in France
Mongolian Art exhibition, Arlington Education Center, VA, USA
2004 Participated in cultural activities for HH. Dalai Lama in Toronto , Canada
Solo Art exhibition, George Mason University, Arlington, VA, USA
Organized from March - to May 2004 A Private Collection Show: Mongolian
Connoisseurship at E & J Frankel Gallery, New York, NY, USA
Art exhibition “Ulaanbaatar-360” Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Participated in International Festivals with ”Khan Bogd “ Ensemble tour in France
2005 Art exhibition, KPC Buddhist Temple, Maryland, USA
Mongolian Tsam Masks & Art exhibition, Tibet House, New-York, USA
Organized Art exhibitions and tour in Europe
2006 Participated in “Mongolia-Traditions Reborn” Exhibition, National Geographic Museum, USA
Participated in “Portals to Shangri-La: Masterpieces from Buddhist Mongolia“
Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, Atlanta, USA
Exhibition “Echoes from the Steppes”, E & J Frankel gallery, New York, USA
Participated in International Festivals in France, Belgium and Switzerland
Established “The Great Story of Mongols” Performing group, Virginia, USA
Organized “The Sounds and Colors of Mongolia” Exhibition & Performance
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., USA
2007 Performance “Mongolia-Family Weekend”, Rubin Museum of Art, New York, USA
Organized “Khuree Tsam-108” International Art Festivals, Mongolia, France and USA
2008 “Forward and Back” art exhibition in E&J Frankel gallery New York, NY, USA
“ MidFest-2008” International Festival in Middletown, Ohio, USA
“Many Moon “ International Festival Towson, Maryland, USA
“Richmond Festival” Richmond, VA, USA
Training of Cast & Mold , Los Angeles, California, USA
2009 “Genghis Khan” exhibition in Houston, Texas, USA
Organized art exhibition in Houston Art gallery,Texas, USA
“Genghis Khan” exhibition Denver, Colorado, USA.
2010 “Folk Fest 2010” In National Mall, USA
"Genghis Khan” exhibition San Jose , Colorado, USA
“Kazak” exhibition Brazos museum Texas, USA
2011 “Genghis Khan” exhibition Singapore, Irving ,TX, Raleigh, NC, Republic of Singapore.
“Hamtdaa” art exhibition and Khuree Tsam-108” performance in Arlington ,VA, USA
Honors & Awards
1977 Awarded the first place of student competition of All Provinces of Mongolia
1985 The First Prize, XII Festival for Young People and Students in Moscow, Russia
1994 Awarded the title Best Cultural Artist of Mongolia
2000 Awarded by the title of ‘Peoples holder of eminent endowment’ and Gold medal All
Mongolian Folklore Festival, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2001 Awarded the Diploma International Mask Festival, Miao-Li, Taiwan
2004 Awarded the Diploma Exhibition “Ulaanbaatar-360”, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2005 Selected as the Artist of the Year, Washington DC, USA
2006 Honorable Certificate of the Chinggis Khan’s Mongolia, 800th years of Nationhood, USA
2007 Selected as the Best Artist of the Year, Washington DC, USA
Award for the children, Mongolian Children’s Organization, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Award for the Youth, Municipality
2008 Second place and Silver medal of World Ice Art Championship, Alaska,USA
2009 Honorable Certificate of Smithsonion Institute, USA
2010 Honorable Certificate of Arlington County, USA
2011 Nominated National Heritage Fellowship -2011, USA
1997-2007 Project renew Mongolian “Khuree Tsam-108” Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2006 “Great Story of Mongols” musical show
2007 “Genghis Khan” Exhibition project
2008 World Peace Art Center in Europe and USA
2009 “Mongol House- International”
2010 MONGOL WORLD Performing Arts Tour
2011 MONGOL WORLD book

Gankhuyag Natsag - Atelier (Studio) in Ulaanbaatar

Gankhuyag Natsag Gankhuyag Natsag & Albi – Swizerland

Ensemble Khan Bogd – Mongolia

Latest compact discs:
- "Ayalguu - Vol. I": FM 50043 - "Magtaal / Höömij - Vol. II": FM 50044
- "Chinggis Ayalguu - Vol. III" -- FM 50051 - "Ardiin Ayalguu - Vol. IV" - FM 50052

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