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    • Hayrik Mouradian Traditional Song and Dance Children's Ensemble

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more information Ensemble Hayrik Mouradian - text available in German

- Anoosh Harutyunyan, voc - Aram Harutyunyan, voc
- Aroosiak Harutyunyan, voc - Hayk Harutyunyan, voc
- Lilit Harutyunyan, voc - Mane Babayan, voc
- Mane Nikoghosyan, voc - Mavrik Mkrtchyan, voc

- Hasmik Harutyunyan (Artistic Director)

The repertoire of the Ensemble consists of songs that belong to the old tradition. The performance is based on the idea to preserve the songs of the different regions of Armenia, as well as to represent Armenia's "old roots" and the design of the original costumes in local traditions.

Hasmik, Hayk, Aram

- Hasmik Harutyunyan

Hasmik was born in Yerevan in 1960. Here ancestors are from Mush. She graduated from the Department of Vocal Music at the Arno Babajanyan School of Music and the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute. For several years, she worked as soloist for the “Agoonk” Ensemble of Armenian National Radio. Hasmik is a member of the Karot Ensemble and is vocalist for the Shoghaken Folk Ensemble.

- Hayrik Mouradian
Hayrik Mouradian was born in 1905 in the region of Shatakh, near Lake Van. “From childhood, I listened to and loved the songs of our ancestors,” he said. “My mother, Zozan, was a fine singer, as was my aunt Sinam. I learned folk and epic songs, and from another relative, patriotic songs.” But, that world came to a tragic end, and Hayrik, his family, and the Armenians of Shatakh and all of Western Armenia were expelled from their homeland, their hearths, and the place of their old ways.

- Hayrik Mouradian Interview 1993 - YouTube (

Hayrik was ten years old when they left Shatakh. They reached Salmast, in Iran, and then the deserts of Iraq. Of fifty-four family members, only four survived, including Hayrik, his brother, mother, and an uncle. In 1921, they moved to the Artashat region of Armenia. Hayrik spent his adult life working as a historian and singing the songs he learned as a youth in his beloved Shatakh.

The Hayrik Mouradian Traditional Song and Dance Children's Ensemble was founded in 1996 by his student, Hasmik Harutyunyan, who serves as the group’s artistic director. “We lost much in the massacres,” Hayrik said. “My greatest wish is that you, the children, keep this music, something sacred to all of us, alive. These songs tell the stories of our lives, with their struggles, happiness, sadness, feelings, and the history of our nation. The songs will help you grow and become good, intelligent people. I don’t consider our old world lost, as you children will bear the strength of these songs.” Talking to parents and elders, Hayrik said: “Remember, when you are angry with children, they are flowers of nature."

- Anoosh Harutyunyan
was born in 1987 in Yerevan. She attends the Tigranyan Music School in the Department of Piano, and studies English at the Brusov Institute of Foreign Languages in Yerevan. Anoosh is a soloist in the ensemble.
- Aram Harutyunyan
was born in 1992 in Yerevan. He attends the Tchaikovsky Music School where is studying the vocal tradition. Aram is a member of the Ensemble.
- Aroosiak Harutyunyan
was born in 1989 in Yerevan. She attends the Derenik Demirjyan School in Yerevan, and is a soloist in the Ensemble.
- Hayk Harutyunyan
was born in 1997 in Yerevan, and is a brother of Anoosh and Aroosiak Harutyunyan. Hayk attends the Derenik Demirjyan School in Yerevan, and is a member of the Ensemble.
- Lilit Harutyunyan
was born in 1990 in Yerevan. She attends the Tchaikovsky Special School of Music in the Department of Piano. Lilit is a soloist in the Ensemble.
- Mane Babayan
was born in 1994 in Yerevan. She attends the Sayat Nova Music School, where she is studying the flute. She is a member of the Ensemble.
- Mane Nikoghosyan
was born in 1990 in Yerevan. She attends the Mushegh Ishkhan School and the Aleksander Spendiaryan Music School in Yervan, where she is studying vocal music. Mane is a member of the Ensemble.
- Mavrik Mkrtchyan
was born in 1990 in Javakhk, an Armenian region in southern Georgia. He is studying vocal at the Tchaikovsky Music School.

- more information Traditional Music and Instruments of Armenia

latest CD with Armenian traditional songs:

- published by Ethnotempos 2006

Lilit Harutyunyan, Mane Babayan and Mane Nikoghosyan

Aram, Lilit, Hayk Harutyunyan,
Mane Nikoghosyan, Anoosh Harutyunyan,
Mane Babayan, Mavrik Mkrtchyan
Aroosiak Harutyunyan

Mane Babayan and Hayk Harutyunyan

Mavrik Mkrtchyan, Aram, Hayk, Lilit Harutyunyan, Mane Babayan, Anoosh, Aroosiak Harutyunyan